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Headquarters, Factory, Retail, Barber Shop And Shipping Address
Railcar Fine Goods
802 S Primrose Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016

Railcar Fine Goods Retail and HQ Operating Hours
9am-5pm PST 7 days a week!

Railcar Fine Goods Barber Shop NEW HOURS!
For Appointments call 1-626-256-9018. Walk-ins Welcome
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm PST

General Questions info@railcarfinegoods.com 1-626-256-9018

Railcar Online Live Chat available from 9:00am to 4:30pm PST 7 days a week. Availability may very. If live chat is offline, please email us at info@railcarfinegoods.com

Returns And Exchanges See our return and exchange page here.

For Orders, Questions And Alteration/Repair Questions info@railcarfinegoods.com

Founder And Creator Steven Dang steven@railcarfinegoods.com

Railcar Pomade Sales RepTaylor Montoya taylor@railcarfinegoods.com

Marketing, Social, And Events Taylor Montoya taylor@railcarfinegoods.com

New Stockist Inquiry Tawny Ortiz tawny@railcarfinegoods.com

Pomade Wholesale Taylor Montoya taylor@railcarfinegoods.com

If for some reason your email is getting rejected, email us at railcarfinegoods@gmail.com

Domestic US Shipping
Domestic orders up to $99 flat rate of $3.99
Domestic orders up $99.01 to $197.99 flat rate of $8.99
Domestic orders $198 and up receives free shipping

Orders up $99.99 flat rate of $14.99
Orders $100 to $147.99 flat rate of $19.99
Orders $148 to $500 flat rate of $29.99
Orders that are over sized will have a max flat rate of $49.99

How To Spec And Measure here