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Railcar Fine Goods can provide all your denim repair needs regardless of what brand they are. This includes chain stitch hemming to your length with a traditional chain stitch, denim darning to repair holes and thin parts of your jeans, leg tapering service to reshape the profile of the leg from the thigh down, and even down sizing service to reduce the waistband size. Drop them off at the workshop directly or mail them in. All services are done in-house at the Railcar Workshop in Monrovia, California and not outsourced to a third party. We have all the correct machines, thread and expertise to work on your jeans correctly. Please carefully read each service description for details.

If you are shipping international, do not put the full retail value of your jeans as you will be responsible for paying your countries duties/fees. Railcar Fine Goods is not responsible for any changes made on alterations and repairs after the order has already been submitted. If you need to make any changes please email as soon as you can. But note that changes are not guaranteed if your order has already been started and worked on. If you are unsure of your measurements or repairs, please reach out to us before submitting order.

Denim service turnaround is a fast two weeks after the jean has been received to the shop. In most cases, service is faster. Please use your tracking number to track the jeans for its arrival. After denim service is complete, an email will be automatically emailed to you to track its return. Additional time maybe required depending on incoming workload.

Chain stitch hemming only service turn around time is same day or next day depending on time of arrival in shop.

Rush service is on hold right now due to Steven being in Japan for a week, once he is back we will continue rush service. Thank you.

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Railcar Fine Goods
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chain stitch hem service
Railcar Fine Goods Leg Tapering Service
Down Sizing Service
Price: $50.00